18 June 2006

Red vs. Bleu

Lots of World Cup craziness in Leipzig...and here at home. It'll definitely be interesting:

I'm for France. (slogan: Allez les Bleus)
Tannah is for South Korea. (slogan: Reds go Together)

They are in match right now. Although France is the fave, they haven't actually scored a World Cup goal since they won the Cup in their own borders in 1998, and Korea is ahead by two points for Group G. And Tannah, he's played soccer with Koreans. They're brutal. I guess we should both be for the American team. But really, look at the stats. We still reign in American football and basketball and, for the most part, baseball. Leave soccer and rugby to the experts.

...[time elapses]...

Okay. France made first goal (Thierry Henry) but then not too long after made a second...but it wasn't counted. The Korean goalkeeper was well within the goal line and the ball was in the goal but he swatted it out. A complete upset. Comentators and both Tannah and I were just thinking how sad it was that France got royally screwed. About 20 minutes before the game ended, Korea (Park Ji-Sung) made a goal, and it was tied. The final score was 1-1, when it should have been 2-1, France. Unbelievable. Korea's chances for advancement are high, and France has to win the next game against Togo with 2 clear goals on 23 June to advance as well. And not only that, but both Eric Abidal and Zinedine Zidane aren't going to play that game. Ouch.

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