11 June 2006

Odd day.

Missing the Zumacks, alot. And pulling away but not sure why.

Mada (Tannah's brother) and I got Tannah a Nintendo DS Lite for his birthday. He already has a regular Nintendo DS, so I think it's waste but he's happy, so...whatever. It's his birthday, so his gift, no matter how redundant I think it is. He's happy, and that's what matters. I mean it's not all bad, it is cute: much smaller, lighter, and feels like its got better overall construction. But the day wasn't perfect...he was sad when the kalbi caught on fire...we were grilling it and something happened and it was engulfed in flames. Nothing was left except very charred bones. Sadness. But then, perhaps saving the day, was a baseball game, with the Cleveland Indians. He's an Indians fan. I think baseball sucks. Hockey, soccer, rugby and college basketball are good but baseball and American football are just...I may as well be taken to a torture chamber or something. (But to hear Tannah right now, screaming at the team on screen, you'd think he was actually there. But I guess watching it broadcast in HD, he may as well be.)

This post is all over the place. There's stuff, inside, I think. Stuff.

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sparklypixie said...

i love you.
try to get stuff out.