11 December 2008


Since I've been absent:

~Recently I found (or rather, re-connected with) one of my first penpals I ever had, Marcia. We started writing when we were about 13, maybe 14 years old; she was from Bophuthatswana, an area now incorporated into South Africa. After only a few years we lost contact, but recently I tried looking her up on Facebook and amazingly, I found her, and she actually remembered me! We've been writing now, back and forth, for the past few weeks and it's pretty awesome how much we've changed over the years, and yet we've managed to be very alike in so many ways. She's extremely talented, and in the near future, I'll post some of her poetry. My brutal curiosity of Bantu peoples, cultures and languages is heightened.

~So, the Monday after I almost killed John with the pookie (fire putty) bucket, Clint and I worked on securing the cable out of the electrical room, down the hall, and into the elevator lobby. Drew (now my temp foreman--again) told me to be "gentle" in making holes in the wall, so I used a long-shaft screwdriver and made my hole with that, using my side-cutters to drive it into the drywall. There was a piece of 1/2" allthread sticking through at one point; as I used my side-cutters to hit the handle to drive it in, I noticed how close my wrist kept coming to that jagged end of allthread. I took off my work glove and wrapped it around my hand...the very next tap I made to teh screwdriver, two knuckles hit the allthread. It hurt but not too badly, but before I got a chance to finish the job, I saw blood spew out of my hand and down the wall, floor, ladder, all over my jeans...and let me say this was a finished project: painted, tiled, turned over to the owner. Oops. Not like I could help bleeding, but our employee manual lists gloves as a 100%-of-the-time safety item. Good thing the electrical rooms aren't high-traffic areas.

~Working between Jay & Drew lately...back and forth. No one really has enough work, so when one foreman runs out, I go to the other, and then back ad infinitum. At least I'm still employed, and I'm overjoyed at that, especially since I like both Jay and Drew as foremen. And aside from liking their personalities, neither treat me like an idiot, and both don't give me tasks that are too difficult, too dangerous, or too tedious for me. Which is always a bonus. Aside from the antennae job (supposedly) coming up, we have 5 or 6 PV jobs that should be getting underway in under a month...or so I'm told. I can hope, anyway.

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Gadfly said...

I've been to Bophuthatswana. In fact, it was there that I sat on a "chair" of granite, with 400 sheer feet of leg room beneath me, looking out over the savanna. Rather breathtaking :o)