05 December 2008

Yet another scattered post.

This week has been such a whirlwind of...everything...I don't even know how to begin.

I'm getting involved with teaching PV classes at our union JATC, so that we can get more of our electricians state certified. Maybe even nationally (NABCEP) certified, which would be awesome. It takes up alot of time, actually; it's two weeknights and a full Saturday for a month. They divide it up into 2 classes but still. I want to do it because, aside from the pay, I think it'll help me retain more. Y'know, I'll be going over the same shit over and over and it'll become second nature. And also, it'll get my contractor's name out to potential consumers. I mean, our photovoltaics department just started up an we simply aren't yet known for being involved in renewables. That'll change. :)

And now, a funny story. How many of you have seen "Pulp Fiction"? If you haven't, might as well skip this entire paragraph. Anyway, there was an issue with a side job another crew was doing. Something about it not being done it time, plus a failed inspection, plus a serious problem that needed troubleshooting. The foreman involved called one of the project managers for help, who promptly replied, "Hold tight, I'm sending Snow". Now, I heard this story from a tech who was there at the time; when he heard Snow was on is way, he referenced the afore-said movie by saying, "Oh fuck, you didn't say they were sending the Wolf!" And of course, that's not verbatim, but the point was made and everyone thought it was hilarious. I hadn't seen that movie in probably a decade, so I wasn't clear on what he meant, so I found the DVD and watched that scene and oh my God...it fits. If you know the scene, then you know Snow when he's in balls-to-the-wall mode: calm, firm, direct. He'll speak quickly and succinctly, expect no less than perfection, and may God help you if you're caught fucking off. I caught it immediately and I actually laughed out loud.

And now I realise what time it is, and I have preparation to get on before class tomorrow morning. Maybe someone will bring donuts. Maybe after class I'll have time to post about going in the Hole, and how I almost killed my toolie this afternoon. Yeah, work has been interesting this week.

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