19 August 2007


I've been a little numb as far as Gabriel's birthday, it'll get more difficult as it gets closer I'm sure. I'm putting off my birthday till October I think, just the first month of school will be hellacious. Besides I've actually been doing my birthday in October for the past few years anyway. I don't know. My birthday doesn't seem like it means much, really. With all the shit that crops up at the end of August I honestly can't add anything more. Hope it lets up soon.

My friend Snow has been helping me with Code. I thought I was pretty good at it but I'm finding out through him that I'm not really good at all...there's so much I dont know, and so many tricky things that are hard to find. I'm lucky Tannah isn't jealous with him helping me. And for that matter, I'm glad Snow isn't a pervert.

As for Logan, I kinda talked to him. He's not real talkative back. I'm not sure if something's bothering him or what, he seems to have pulled away from everyone. He watches still, and he said he's trying to teach me how to be self-reliant. I asked if that meant he was leaving, and he said no. That makes me feel better, but he seems to really have dropped everything.

And ah...wedding anniversary tomorrow. We're going to Yolie's! It's a Brazilian grille, and they bring around these swords with massive chunks of meat on them, like lamb and filet mignon and such...MMMM MEAT! OM NOM NOM NOM...

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