12 August 2007


I haven't had alot of time at all lately. So I'm doing a quick update, real informal-like:

01. I'm have a procedure in a near future, a transesophageal echo. It's basically an ultrasound of my heart but it's done from inside my throat. Pretty nifty. Basically risk free; it's to see if my PFO is big enough to need to be patched, and if there are any other issues about all that. I'll have to get plastic body jewelry though...a possibly unnecessary expense but it's better than being told to take them out.
02. I made a MySpace site for Solar NV. I know; I'm a geek.
03. Wedding anniversary, my birthday, and Gabriel's birthday all coming up real quick. School starting in that week too. It's seriously the most hectic time of year. I'm so happy my parents started the tradition of doing my birthday in October. It's so laidback then. I love it.
04. I got to go check out the massive hole that will one day be the condo tower, very cool. I'll get to run 6-inch rigid, how badass is that? Can't wait to buckle myself into a safety harness, slither up around existing conduit like a monkey and start drilling into pandeck. That'll put excitment in my day!
05. I have to really get on my code study, and NABCEP study too...I'm slipping. Laziness? Who knows. But I'm not where I should be. I get random pop-quizzes about NEC stuff I should know and I fail pretty spectacularly.

Um...that's it. Yeah. Just incredibly busy and tired and stuff. But happy with life altogether.

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