08 September 2007

This post is all over the place.

Well I only have $800 or so left to pay off on my medical bills so far. (I just had a surgical procedure last month...did I get into that? They were just visualising my heart with a scope, basically, to see if they could plug it.) I don't have that bill yet but still, it's way better than the thousands, y'know?

Gabriel's birthday was so much easier this year than last year. I lit a candle, then Tannah and I just basically stayed home with each other...remembering. It was melancholic but not devastating. It was kinda hard though, a guy from work told me last week that when he was like 10 he had a baby sister that died right after birth and he said how hard it was...and I was like "Yeah, I can relate." It'll be hard when my sister's baby Radek starts Kindergarten because it'll be like Gabriel would
have started near then, too. And my brother's baby is due in a week, and it's a boy too. My mom tried pressuring me to go to the baby shower and my brother said no, he and Dee (his girlfriend) understand and it was cool. But I'll have to see the baby in the hospital, that will be hard I think.

Last month Tannah and I decided (for various reasons) to get separate bank accounts. At first Tannah was pissed, thought it was the "beginning of the end"...but now Tannah likes the separate accounts now, since he can kinda do whatever the hell he wants with his money and I dont nag on him anymore. :)

"Beowulf" is coming out in theatres here in November! I can't wait, in English Lit I loved "Beowulf"!!
So I have to be in to work tomorrow at 04h00 for a pour watch, so I'm heading to sleep early. It would suck except 90% of the time its a cake job and since it's Saturday, it's doubletime!! Very cool. The weird thing is, the remodel job is about done, and that's sad. Drew and I are still working together, mostly on last minute fixes on the past few floors that were done. It'll be just me and him on the pour, too, and he's not the most talkative but secretly he's fun.

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