17 August 2007

Procedure went well...

And I pissed off the nurse by reading my chart! (Well really, she shouldn't have left me alone with it for half an hour.) I'll get into all of that.

So I arrived at 06h00, which was nothing since I'm usually at work by that time but it was hard for Tannah. Since I'd pre-admitted, I was sent to a room where I basically got naked and put on one of those little hospital gowns that fit everyone but short people and since everything was basically ready, they just left me there for over a half-hour, me and my chart. Not one to let an opportunity go to waste, I read everything I could.

First, I found out that the dumb bitch that sent my contractor my medical information had written that I was currently taking Klonopin for a suicide attempt. Which was completely untrue and I have no idea where she got that. But more interesting was the fact that I saw the results of my bubble test that Dr. Selco did. What a bubble test is, basically, is an ultrasound of both your temples. Then you're asked to bear down while saline bubbles are forced into your heart, and as you breathe again they follow where the bubbles go. The bubbles mimic little blood clots, and it's one of the ways that patent foramen ovales are diagnosed. When they did this (twice, actually) you could hear all the saline bubbles, proving the PFO. But what I found out from my chart is that I had six microemboli that were caught by the doppler before the saline was even injected. Both creepy and kind of cool at the same time.

So in the room, before they knocked me out, the anesthesiologist and the cardiologist and some surgery techs were talking about my piercings and tattoo and all, and they asked what my tattoo meant. So I started talking about photovoltaics and all and I saw the syringe go into my IV port, and I started getting seriously drowsy, and apparently right before I blacked out I told them how sexy PV is and how they should get it. That's really more embarassing than I'm even able to relate, but I guess I could have said worse.

I was out for about an hour, the doc talked to Tannah a little and will talk to me more in-depth on the 24th, but basically they did see the PFO and saw discolouration from the leakage of blood from my heart, but it's not lethal and exactly what they were expecting to see. Apparently they tried to recreate the results from the bubble test, but since I was out cold they did chest and abdomen compressions but it wasn't working. (It explains why my whole body feels like it's been pummelled.) All's good though, they have positive confirmation. I really hope I get to keep some photos.

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