07 November 2006


Luc Besson's "Wasabi" is a French movie that takes place 90% in Tokyo, with Jean Reno (one of my faves) so it's awesome. There's a scene when a Japanese girl who he's protecting mispronounces the word "trou"...she trills the R in the back of her throat so its like she's purring. (In the movie, her mom worked for the French embassy so the girl's fluent in both Japanese and French.) Anyway, Hubert (Reno's character) is like, "No, that's ugly" and tries to retrain her mouth to say it properly. It's so cute!! And Tannah and I both tried for like 10 minutes, we can't do it right. The R after the T is awkward. Therefore, it's going to be our codeword for if we can't pronounce something.

Other than that, the movie itself is excellent, I love Besson's work anyway and Jean Reno, too, but it's got everything: action, explosions, the good stuff. I think it's dubbed in English too, so many my parents might actually watch it. As for the point of the post, I just thought I'd share something completely inane and useless. :-)

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