04 November 2006

Prayers for Jake.

My brother-in-law, Jake, has surgery for his cancer in Tuesday. And my sister lost her job Sunday. Jake will be on IV's and no food or water at all for three days and on bedrest, no speaking and semi-soft Jell-o for a week and a half after surgery . So finacially they aren't okay...we're going to send money, but we just gave my brother money a few months ago and we sent Tannah's Korean grandmother money because they didn't have money for her medicine and it's like...I have my own doctor bills too. It's frustrating and a little scary. I really want to help, and I'm not trying to whine just, everyone thinks me and Tannah have so much money and in a sense we would if we didn't have all my medical expenses. I have to pay 20% of every procedure, test, lab, medicine....it adds up. Especially when I'm seeing doctors and specialists every week.

So I'll pray, of course, to be sustained and kept calm. And for Jake, too of course, and his family to persevere. I love them so much.

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