16 November 2006

"Let's get ready to rumble!"

That's what Gil (my current journeyman) says at a few minutes till 10h00, right before we bust out the TE-76. It's so hilarious the first time he yelled that into the hollowed-out wall toward the occupied rooms upstairs I almost pissed myself laughing.

As for the chipping concrete, I'll be on it for the rest of the job. My new journeyman and I came up with a system, though: Mondays we help demo (tear out the old stuff) from the rooms. Tuesdays we mark out all our new stuff that we have to cut out and get material ready. By then, we can knock out the concrete in four rooms. Wednesdays we do the electrical aspect of the two rooms from Tuesday, like wiring everything up, but hot, and chip out two more rooms. Thursdays we do the electrical for that and chip out the last two rooms, plus do the electrical. Friday we put the coverplates on and hot-check everything. Start over Monday. Also we have a thing where when were chipping, I use the blade to get the bulk and he used the crusher to smooth it out. That way we aren't both too tired. I still hurt but it's better. My body is getting used to it.

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