04 May 2006

So busy lately....alot to catch up on!

Okay, let's see:

First, I think I wrote in here that I've been dealing with some chest pains...nothing I was too worried about but I was pretty sure were caused by going off my clotting meds. On Tuesday the pain got really bad and it radiated from my chest to my back, down my arms, up to my neck and jaw, plus I was numb and tingly in my arms and legs...it was creepy. So to be safe I went to UMC Urgent Care, and after hearing my medical history sent me straight to the ER.

It was a total joke. After waiting for 4 hours for a bed, I was basically told my the emergency physician that because I was so young, they weren't going to admit me. Nice thing to say before running tests. He said that with my symptoms and history and I were 80, it would be one thing...but at 27, I'm just not at risk. I told him about my clotting problems and he said he had never heard of anyone developing clots inside organs, and doubted they were real clots. So he took some blood, ordered a CT scan of the chest (to make sure it wasn't asthma...I know what an asthma attack feels like, I'm not stupid) and when it came back okay he discharged me. It really felt like he was going through the motions and not really taking me seriously. It's extremely irritating. So I missed a day of work Wednesday, and I'm about to miss one tomorrow because I'm following up with a primary care physician and getting some labs drawn. I'm just lucky that my foreman and superintendent are patient and understanding.

On a very good note, we signed the papers to our own piece of real estate....we're homeowners now. It's been absolutely painless so far. We have to finish packing and all, and actually do the moving next weekend. It'll be hectic because the weeks we're going to be resituating are the weeks of my semester and final exams, and I'm worried I won't get alot of quality study time. We have to put in landscaping, and Tannah is pretty badly wanting to change the sliding glass door into French doors, and we have to put together a garden...Aunt Debbie has an herb garden in her backyard in France and once Tannah saw that he decided then that he would have one too, once we got a house. Anyway, there's a lot to be done but it'll be worth it.

Oh...and the Wranglers are out of the Kelly Cup Playoffs. But it's only because the Aces cheat.

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