31 May 2006

Gotta get a drink of water, hold on.

Ah. Now that's we've got that accomplished...

Today was my last day of 3rd year. Nothing spectacular but I knew that going in. A few of us got something for James since he's helped us out so much...I wish more apprentices would have gone in on something for him, he gave us alot of his time. It's too bad so few appreciated what exactly he's given us this past year.

I have a few procedures tomorrow: an ultrasound of the aorta, a CT scan of the abdomen and a stress test. I was going to cancel them because I didn't want to take the time off, and the chest pains have become infrequent but the past three days I've had almost complete numbness in part of my left hand and two fingers. Plus, those ever-familiar "cold flashes" in my legs. I hope everything works out but I'd really like to know what's going on, too.

Es tiempo para dormir, pero no quiero que hacer algo más, creo. Estoy cansada pero hay también muchos pensamientos en mi mente. Cambiaré quizá mi perfil en MySpace... mi papi dice siempre que los colores son difíciles de leer. Y él lo sabría... él es un especialista en computadoras. Ay, no sé. Hay justo demasiado, Adentro. Es lo mismo que antes, pero ahora no tengo el lujo de olvidar. Tengo que funcionar y saben eso. Deseo que el Comandante del Batallón me dejaría sola...yo sé que él tiene gusto de ayudar y me dijo que es su deber a ayudar pero ahora, él no está ayudando. Él está actuando solamente como un pendejo.

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