05 May 2006

Medical games.

Got alot accomplished today. I went to see my new primary care physician, Dr. Charniga, and she seemed to be adequately concerned and therefore ordered plenty of labs and some procedures. I was in her office for about an hour, finding out everything they wanted to do, like a stress test and also they want to put me on a holter monitor. As for labs they seem to be the regular work-up type. When I got my labs done, Dr. Iriye called in one to check for ACE polymorphism...I haven't found much info on that yet. I spent forever at the lab today. And next Monday I'm to go back to see Dr. Charniga and my new gyno, Dr. Kartzinel who is supposed to be pretty good. I got tired of Dr. Liu's office never returning my calls.

We went to see our house again today and to walk through with the previous owners. We did our official walk-through already but this was an informal one and it went smoothly. This whole thing has been a joy, really, and relatively stress-free as far as buying a home goes.

And yeah...Logan is being really difficult. He's like that sometimes: moody and arrogant. He said alot of seriously rude things to me in what he calls an "altercation" but it was really more like a verbal assault. Completely one-sided. He just has these unrealistic, grandiose ideas about what life should be and it won't work. It fell apart then, and it certainly isn't going to fly now. I wish he would just quit living in his little world of denial and accept it.

I might write more later, haven't decided...

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