19 May 2006

I can't believe this!

I really fell out of blogging of late. I have good excuses, really.

First and foremost, my sister's baby, Radek, was born on my brother's 22nd birthday. Radek had some liver issues at birth but those seem to have diminished for now. I'm just overjoyed that everyone's healthy and at home and doing well. Secondly, we're moved into our house...rather, we're moved out of our apartment...I can't very well lie and say we're moved in as we have yet to unpack a single box. But that will come. We've gone back to 40 hours a week so I think it'll be a little easier to exist. Also, I just had my semester exam a few days ago and I think I did pretty well. My final exam is this coming Wednesday and James gave us an excellent review so the chances of me advancing to 4th year are pretty damn good.

More news, more news....

Our union contract was renewed. Some tools were added to the tool list and some removed. I'm totally for the additions of a Mag-lite and a tic-tracer. I've had those anyway, as I don't like sacrificing safety. So now it's just official. And we also ratified a hell of a pay increase...we haven't gotten a real pay increase in years, it's been allocated to pensions or to the health and welfare fund instead, so I'm stoked about that.

Mother's Day was about the shittiest day in recent memory. I don't even want to go into it. My mom called me a few days prior as I fretted how to handle it and suggested that since it was going to be difficult for me, that we could go to tea or something in July maybe, when I'm out of school. And Tannah's dad sent me a thoughtful Mother's Day e-mail...no one else mentioned it. I guess no one else knew what to say. I feel sorry for Tannah...both Father's Day and his birthday fall right in with each other and he wants to avoid both of them completely. I have a feeling he won't, to appear somewhat "normal" to his family, but it's going to be hard for him, I'm certain.

J'ai des pensées très intenses de me blesser. Je vois des lames, et le sang. Mais, si je me coupe, Dieu saura, et aussi, il aurait blessé Gabriel, s'il étaient vivant. Mes cicatrices, mes autres, mes secrets, je les déteste tous. Je souhaite que je n'aie pas dû feindre. Je veux être libre, je veux dire à chacun la vérité. Parfois je me sens vide et morte. Excepté être mort ne blesse pas ceci mal. :-( Je n'ai pas même l'énergie à penser en français...

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