28 May 2006

Getting smashed...

James joked with me that he and I should get smashed one night as a treat for me passing the year. Getting smashed sounds good. Preferably with Grey Goose or Hpnotiq. Tannah says Hpnotiq tastes like mouthwash but I could be happy being fed with it intravenously.

I'm not having a bad day. I think I'm just fatigued. Friday was supposed to be "noon or sooner" but our crew (temp power) had to stay behind to disconnect the flyers on the tower. I seriously almost fell asleep a few times. I'm just always tired. I'm glad school is finally out, I passed the 3rd year....I got a 91% on my final which pisses me off really. One question, I got the code section right but forgot to answer the question. I couldn't believe it.

Je suis si fâchée. Je suis frustrée et je veux pleurer, je veux saigner...je ne sais pas pourquoi. Logan a changé et il est presque fou. Je n'aime pas des choses qu'il a dit. Lui et certaines des autres rendent des choses très difficiles pour moi. Mon esprit est comme le brouillard.

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