02 April 2006

Hoisting and rigging

Saturday was...interesting. We were supposed to have our hoisting and rigging class that day, which is fine, except that after our review and practical application, there weren't any exams for us, so we have to do it on Monday. And there I was, more prepared than usual. I hope I don't blow it. I mean, most of it is common sense but the parts having to do with sizing and all, I'm not so sure about that.

I think I just pissed Adam off. He was on his way over and he asked if he could bring his dog Maui. Maui and our dog, Pepper, get on pretty well; that isn't the problem. The problem is I'm allergic to most dogs and I'm miserable every time I go over to his house. (His family has two dogs, Maui and China...and I'm allergic to both.) No one seems to understand that even after the dogs are bathed, I still have a reaction. I'm not allergic to Pepper because of her breed, and even then I can't snuggle up to her for too long or I get sick. Come on, why would I make it up? I've told them time and time again I'm allergic to the dogs, it's why I don't touch them. Sorry.

I'm supposed to be doing homework...I have to study for the hoisting and rigging exam (again), a surprise test on the entire last section (I got the heads-up from my instructor at work on Friday--thanks James!), I still have to do chapters 9 and 11, and go over section 7's code calculations. Code calculations are really difficult for me, my mind gets pretty jumbled up trying to keep everything straight. Honestly, I'm getting overwhelmed with all of this: working so many hours, all the homework and tests, plus the extra-curricular study guides and classes, mid-terms and finals comng up, Red Rock's opening coming up...I'm not getting alot of sleep. But Tannah's been nice...he knows that French food is calming to me, so he went out and got some Brie and a baguette, and instead of wine he got me a bottle of kirschwasser...okay I guess that part isn't French but still. Oh, and Orangina! The only place I've found it is at the Paris, and it's pretty expensive there but I hardly ever get it. It's so sweet of him.

I really have to get on my homework or I won't be done in time. I might be late to class tomorrow because I'm meeting with my surgeon after work to discuss my labs and all that. So the possibility of me coming in early to class to finish it up is slim. I know I'm procrastinating, and I shouldn't. I can't wait for the year to be over.

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