09 April 2006

Confusion, general malaise.

First off: I agree with Changu...kudos to the guy who got this sauce packet through QC. I don't know who to credit this photo to but I'll credit him, just for giggles. (Read the whole hilarious story here; the post is called, "That's No Cookie, Mr. Jones!"

My sore throat has gotten worse. It usually does after I've been given general anesthesia...I'm not sure if it's the gases they use or the fact that I had oxygen afterwards or what. I hope some Cepacol might help, for tomorrow. I'll have to take it easy but we'll see. My father-in-law has had quite a few surgeries, and I meant to ask him, but I've had no response via e-mail for about two weeks. I pinged it and no response, so it's likely I'm on his blocked list. Which happens, of course; either I pissed him off or I was red-flagged by his SpamGuard. Same thing happened to Tannah, his dad wound up blocked and we aren't sure why. In fact, nearly everyone in Tannah's address book was blocked, and a day or so later, all the blocked users were unblocked, even the ones that were supposed to be blocked. It was creepy. But if it was deliberate that I was blocked, ah well, more power to him I guess.

This whole immigration thing kind of eludes me. Firstly, no one in the media is relaying that this is a crackdown on unlawful entry into America. This isn't something set to deport all immigrants. This isn't something set to halt all immigration into our nation. This is reform that shouldn't even have to happen. If you entered this nation without coming through proper channels, you have committed a crime, and as you are not documented, you have no rights under our system....so get out. How difficult is that? I have plenty of friends who have come to America legally, with documentation, and I respect them for that. I also have acquaintaces who are not here legally, and I choose not to associate myself with them. This has nothing to do with Hispanics...this applies to Latvians, Swedes, Nigerians, Brazilians, Thai...anyone fitting the category. Yet our streets are overrun with Hispanic youth daily, during school hours, who are brandishing Mexican and Aztlán flags...oddly, thousands of students skip school for the protests but just over a hundred show up on weekends. I suppose criminal immigrant rights aren't important on days they have free to party. And why not, the Clark County school district has allocated buses to transport them to rallies, why stay in class when it's being condoned? And, oddly, I don't see hordes of European or Asian youth out with flags protesting. I only see misguided and uninformed people taking to the streets in a stand for criminal intent.

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