12 April 2007

Pissed off.

My foreman, Mike, took me aside and showed me a letter from my attending physician during my hospital stay, addressed to the office safety coordinator for my contractor. It gave information about my stay at the hospital and reiterated that there were absolutely no restrictions placed upon me in returning to work. Mike mentioned that I might want to cover myself, in case. He was given it by the field safety coordinator. So I called him, and talked with him.

I meant to lay it out how I'm willing and able to work, that it's just a process getting my blood stabilised. And he hit me with "I know all about your disorder..." and proceeded to give me the talk: "Legally no one can tell you this, but maybe you might want to consider a career change" et cetera and that really shocked me. I always took him for a company man, of course but this was a little extreme. It made me wonder if he had requested that info from the attending physician. And I don't know what pisses me off more: the fact that someone working for my contractor requested it behind my back, or the fact that this doctor actually sent it. I'm asking my foreman for a copy, this is bullshit.

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