02 April 2007

Way too many this year so far.

Another construction accident today...thankfully, no deaths this time. It was at Sky, a condominium tower just north of the Circus Circus. Sometime after 11h00, a crew was bleeding a gas line and something sparked an explosion on the 4th floor. I know two guys were taken to UMC's Burn Unit and one guy to Sunrise...I just can't help but to think what a tragedy this is, even without deaths. It just seems that in the past six months, there were more construction accidents than in the past couple years combined. I mean sure, I remember when I was at the Wynn, there were a few electrical deaths, all from arc flash, I think. And then those guys who died in the middle of July (all in the same week!) from dehydration a few years ago, and we had a safety meeting focusing on proper hydration. Nonetheless, it just seems needless, all of these accidents. I wonder if complacency played a part.

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