11 April 2007


This is just...not fun. I should be at school right now. But Javier sent me home, I was having trouble just being there. Overly fatigued, light-headed, nauseous. He gave me a freebie so I wouldn't lose my grade point average for taking an absence. This week has been grueling.

First, I think it's less the Coumadin and more the Innohep that's making me feel this way. Thankfully I got my last injection of that today, even though my INR is only at 1.4 but they doubled my dose of Coumadin so it should equal out. Work is a blur: I told my foreman I felt unsafe on a ladder and he's letting me do ground work but my journeyman is hassling me a little about it. But I don't care, I won't work unsafely. There's plenty to do that doesn't require a ladder. The only thing is, the attending physician released me to work with no restrictions so I'm a little worried...does she know I'm a construction worker? Does she know I'm on the Innohep? I doubt it. I hate when docs make judgements on limited information.

However, I did talk to one of the assistant directors at the JATC and one of the owners for my contractor and they both said things were good so long as I'm up-front and bring in all my notes and keep them aware of when I'll be missing time. That, at least, makes me feel better. I also showed my foreman and the field safety coordinator my documentation, so I don't think there's a problem. I just want to get back to feeling functional.

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