12 September 2007

My new iPhone: awesomesauce.

About twelve hours before Jack came into the world, I went from the pour watch to Fashion Show Mall's Apple Store and bought the 4 GB iPhone. I'm so happy.


Firstly, Drew and I arrived at about 04h30. We went to the site and walked around and no one else was there At all. Lights were on, yes, but no other workers. We could see that even all the rebar hadn't been secured. We waited and wondered, speculating on all manner of things. Finally at 06h00 workers began trickling in, but no concrete trucks. Men were still laying the rebar and tying in supports. It was kind of bizarre, we had been told the pour was a certainty, and yet nothing was ready. He and I watched the work going on around us, we even checked our pipe, retaped the end, resecured it. As I said before, Drew isn't very talkative so I'm certain he was bored. After break (09h00) we started to wonder if it was going to happen at all. They usually don't schedule major pours too late in the morning simply because it's too hot...I think that does something to how it sets. And finally, after nothing at all had happened all day, I was sent home at 10h30. That equals 6 hours of a shift at doubletime...I took it and left. Drew said he was right behind me.

So anyway, I went home, got Tannah, we had lunch and headed out to the Fashion Show Mall. It's basically across the street from the Venetian (more so from the Wynn) and as we drove past at about 14h00 I saw the concrete trucks and the crane hoisting buckets of mud to and fro. Immediately I texted Drew and let him know, since 14h00 was close to the end of a normal shift. I hoped our pipe was all right. (I found out later that he'd already gone home and he broke loads of traffic laws to get there.)

It was easy: I went in, said I wanted the phone, asked some questions about the durability and new plan charges, and was off. My bill went up $20 a month but that's okay...I now have unlimited texts and internet, and I know I'll use it. The multi-point interface is amazing, but the keyboard is a QWERTY, which is something I'm not at all used to. Texting is slow-going for now. And I have to manually input my contacts, but that's okay too. Each contact gets a photo and there's room for e-mail addresses and extra numbers, notes, all kinds of things. Same with the calender.

However for some crazy reason, I can't get multimedia messages via text. Nor can I text photos. WTF. Seriously that's a major negative point to me. That, and the automatic spell check. Eh. All in all its pretty incredible though.

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