27 June 2008

Just random shit.

Lots of thoughts today:

1. A neurologist, psychiatrist, hematologist and cardiologist have all discussed, faxed and signed paperwork, and otherwise worked together to determine that a daily dose of Adderall would be beneficial to my functionality. I'd been on it for years beforehand but went off of it in 2005 as soon as I found out I was pregnant. After Gabriel's birth (and subsequent death), my perinatologist and other specialists didn't want me back on the meds until they stabilised my health and figured out what was going on with me, and why. Now, in 2008, I finally get the go-ahead for this much needed medication--remember, not just one but several doctors have agreed--and now my prescription provider will not cover it. Why? Let me paraphrase: "We only cover it for kids under 18. After that, you're out of school and when you hit grown-up world you buckle down and don't need it anymore." I asked if that meant they were okay with medicating kids for what they feel is normal human development, since they just grow out of it. The answer was yes. I asked about what about the adults who need that functionality in the workplace. I was told that ADD and ADHD is a kids' disease so it's pretty rare in adulthood...that's why they have to pre-authorise it and take it up with a peer group and medical director. Needless to say I'm appealing, otherwise I'm paying $127.50 for the generic. Per month.

2. On a lighter, but equally ridiculous note, I read that some women believe that the iPhone is sexist. This is because the technology is heat-based...I can't make anything work on that damn touchscreen if I try with my gloves on, or with a stylus or key or anything that isn't my fingertip. So of course, these women claim that Apple's sexist for discriminating against those with long fingernails who can't properly tap the touchscreen with the tips of their fingers. I call total bullshit on this one. I had fake nails for my wedding (I'm a construction worker, I couldn't get real ones) and I had a hell of a time getting my contact lenses in and out. I didn't freak out about it. It's not like they have to slice their breasts off and sew up their vaginas to use the damn thing. If you don't want to give up your nails then deal with not being able to use a touchscreen. Get over yourselves.

3. Now, equally ridiculous but not at all light or funny, is this. A few days ago the Supreme Court struck down a law allowing child rapists to be executed, as it's "cruel and unusual punishment". I'll be real quick in saying I'm not sure I agree with the death penalty but seriously...aside from that. The rape of a child, in my opinion, is the single most horrific, soul-murdering, painful and life-altering crime I can even begin to fathom. That child is forever broken in all aspects of his or her personality. (And yes, males can be raped, and are.) These rapes can not only damage the psyche, causing the child an inability to trust or love, but also damage the body; displaced organs and broken bones are not uncommon. How is execution of the one responsible at all cruel and unusual? Where are our priorities? I mean, did you know that writing bad checks is a worse felony than incest in Nevada? How is that right? Why are perpetrators being shielded? And on that note, I despise the "fucked up childhood" excuse, we've all had those, and I'm sick of it as a defense. Death is too kind for them, but I have a serious problem with my tax dollars going to their cable TV and Christmas dinners and literature and sports equipment. And I really have to end this or I'm going to come unglued.

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