15 June 2008

Hey all...

I'm sick. Some stupid summer cold that's got me all stuffed up with a sore throat and all achy. Not fun.

I do have other posts written, saved out-of-view in their raw form (no capitalisation or punctuation, and rarely in full sentences), therefore I'm letting the world know that once I'm not a slave to my homeopathic concoctions and hot teas, I'll get to posting what's been going on.

Highlights to look forward to:

~My first off-roading experience; ---> see 06 June 2008
~An awesome new endevour at work;
~A concert I attended that was literally unlike any other....

I'll be back to posting soon. Promise.

1 comment:

rebturtle said...

"~My first off-roading experience"

I am soooo looking forward to that!