22 October 2007


I'm suddenly very very much wanting more info on my German heritage. It just sucks that I can't find anything online and really have no way of finding out. I guess I'll have to go to the German Deli for weinsauerkraut and Haribo and such.

So, our extra labs are starting. Low voltage tomorrow and Wednesday. Then labs up through and including Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving week, which sucks, those are scheduled days off. (I suppose they aren't anymore, but I was looking forward to two weeks off school.) So basically we're going to be about two months behind in everything. I'm starting to stress a little.

Next Saturday I signed up to volunteer to put up Christmas lights at Child Haven. Snow was doing the recruiting and I couldn't say no when he showed me the list and only a dozen committed. Sad. I mean really: a few hours out of my day, what is that? It's worth it for kids, especially kids who have to live there.

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