31 October 2007

In the midst of this:

Even in going to classes so often, and working odd hours and being exhausted, I'm still having a small amount of time for a weekly sabbatical, if you can call it that: on Thursdays I alternate Code study with just quiet moments to myself, at the library or bookstore or a coffee shop, whatever suits me at the time. (Unless I'm with others from school, then I'm usually at a bar.) I'm trying to get all my NEC knowledge straight for the county journeyman exam coming up and I'll be honest: if I'm at home with my Code book, I won't go through it. I'll watch Dae Jo Yeong or an HD-DVD or Tannah and I will go out somewhere. I know myself too well, I'll put it off. I always do.

But going somewhere quiet for Code, and then being relaxed enough to get a latte or peruse a book (I haven't read for pleasure in ages)...it's a very good thing. It's actually gotten down to the point that i keep a few books in my backpack just so I've got something to break away with when all the Code sections start to run together. It helps me alot, actually: to relax, to feel grounded...even though it's only a few hours a week, it's me being able to be away, something I so rarely get to do. And really, it gives Tannah time for himself as well, time to work on his arcade machines or one of his articles. It keeps the marriage fresh, in a way.

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