15 October 2007

Tired and...whatever.

I got pneumonia from breathing Monokote at work. (Monokote is a powder that reacts to moisture to make it harden as fire protection on structural beams so if there's a fire, the building won't collapse like the WTC.) Well, when you breathe it, there's moisture in your lungs so you get really sick. It was really bad. I haven't gotten that sick from Monokote since I was at the Wynn. I wonder if all that infection and crap helped get me sick.

I'm feeling like God isn't providing...not to say things are bad, they aren't. Just I'm feeling a void. I am having not really a faith crisis but a shift in belief maybe? Not sure how I feel about it. I can always pray for discernment and understanding, I gues. It's not that I don't believe in God, just...I don't know. Something feels off.

I saw my cousin's Xanga post on her favourite Anglo Saxon names....I like Welsh names, like Blodwyn and Ieuan....my general foreman's name is Welsh too, and I think it's awesome. I'm not sure why, but Welsh names sound magickal to me. Ancient and steeped in tradition.

My birthday was good, hadn't seen my family in so long and it was nice to see them. Got Robot Chicken DVD! I just discovered Robot Chicken like two weeks ago, so it was really great. (Also, back closer to my actual birthday, Marissa and Matt teamed up with Tannah and surprised me with a birthday dinner and my favourite German beerhall. :) I love giant bretzels...)

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