12 October 2007

Foreman's class is a joke.

Yeah, it's been awhile, I know.

On our first night we had some general foremen from Mojave telling us what bad union members we all were for not wanting to be foremen. Honestly, very few of us would be ready for the responsibility only a month and a half into our fifth year. We are apparently the reason that our local is going to shit. I kinda tuned them out.

The rest of the presentations were just a complete waste, except the one by Jason Bosnos. He's a project manager from Bombard, and his presentation was on looking at prints and from that deciding how much time the project will take, what needs to be ordered, note possible obstructions and delays...I wish more classes like that were available. I learned so much.

The rest, however, were...I'm sure one day they might seem relevant to me but it sounded like bullshit, really. Oh and yeah, my job still sucks ass right now. Thank God I like my general foreman and my foreman. And thank God I'm getting help in studying Code.

And yay! My birthday celebration is this weekend!

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