20 May 2007


Finally, after three years without body adornment, I got my tongue re-pierced. And yay for no blood, even with blood-thinners!! Maybe nipples are next...

I went to Diversity with Tannah, Mada and Sanj for support. And so they could laugh at me afterwards. First thing I did was buy a stud with a slave ring, I've wanted one for years. And then after paying, I went in.

The girl was freaked out. She said my tongue was too small, and I'd been told that before when I got it done originally at Body Adornment. In fact, the piercer there took photos and had his apprentices come in and watch, as my tongue was "unusually small". Diversity's piercer initially said she wouldn't do it, but I told her it had been done before, and I could tell she didn't really want to but hell, I'd already paid for it.

The odd feeling about being pierced is feeling the needle actually make it's way through. Something similar is an epidural (feeling that edge into the spinal column or whatever) and getting sutured without anesthetic (feeling the thread slide through the holes the needle makes). It's painful, sure, but definitely interesting. But anyway...yeah, she forced the needle through my tongue and placed the stud. It hurt so much less than my time at Body Adornment. I was sincerely shocked. A little swelling but I could talk. (My supporters didn't think so; they made fun of me.) I was given aftercare instructions and off we went.

In the parking lot, someone noticed a pizza place right next door, and even though I was supposed to be buying my Gly-Oxide and such, they decided to eat lunch while I sucked on ice chips. Thanks guys.

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