06 May 2007

Home improvement adventure, Part 2

So...after all the electrical excitement, we had to actually finish the rest of the deal. At that point, I was really quite done with it all.

We learned dry-walling through guys at the jobsite and research on the internet. I'm quite surprised how well it came out. We didn't rush the patch job. At that point, we were on the fourth week, and I just really wanted the house back to normal. You see, week one was running speaker wires. Week two was installing the light fixtures and switch. Week three was trying to fix the panel and figure out what the hell. Week four was rocking half of two walls. We did that after work over four days, and finally by that Saturday, Tannah woke up at 06h00 and started to paint. we didn't want white walls, so he painted just the wall behind the TV a light blue. Came out real nice. I'm very proud of our home, and with every little project, we're making more and more unique.

We're still trying to figure out what to do with the extra wire we ran into the kitchen. (Which again was a mistake: I was in the attic, couldn't see, and accidentally drilled a hole with a paddle-bit two inches to the wrong side of the stud. So we decided a speaker can go there, and we ran a wire for it and went ahead and connected one. Still pisses me off.) The speaker connectors were the biggest pain. Go figure. I almost cried, because we needed to buy new speakers, because the old speakers were JBL box speakers and the brackets would cost me almost $130 -$200 so instead Tannah went and bought new Klipsch satellite speakers. Let me say this,we were eating Ramen for the rest of the week because we did not budget the price of the new speakers. But it was so worth it.

All things said and done, the living room looks and sounds amazing and Tannah's finally back to playing Xbox 360 on the HDTV. Which believe me, I actually missed that. I feel like I've transcended the stone age and finally brought back into modern world. And yet, we're not 100% finished, we still need to reconnect the kitchen fan (I re-routed the wire that was for a half-hot to the fan and deleted the original switch for it, while turning the half-hot into a normal receptacle) and Tannah wants to paint the arcade wall, but we're happy and both of our confidence(s) have been greatly increased. Honestly, the feeling of fucking up your house and having no one to blame but yourself is sure a feeling I never want to feel again.

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