22 January 2007

This is just...yeah.

Spent all day yesterday looking for Acme's office. The map the JATC gave me was shit, none of the roads were labelled. It took 2 hours. But I went in today and there was confusion...the girl at the front desk didn't understand what rotation was, and once we got through that, then no one else seemed to know what was going on. No one knew where I was supposed to report, what jobsite, what foreman...finally they found jobsites but didn't know when I was supposed to report or if the drug test was scheduled before or after. I got the foreman's name and cell number but he didn't answer, so I went ahead and did my drug test beforehand and even though most contractors just pay two hours for orientation and testing, I was paranoid. That's how Bombard had done it but Titan had expected me to show up the same day so in fear of being labelled no call-no show, I drove down there. It's the Henderson Water Reclamation Facility, a.k.a. the Shit Plant...definitely something different. I think it's my first job thats not in a casino or having to do with slot machines.

So I showed up: no one was expecting me, the foreman and steward both hadn't even come in to work, and the guy queening said straight out that he didn't think I was supposed to be there....great start with my new contractor.

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