04 January 2007

Missed it.

I totally spaced writing about Christmas and New Year's. Or maybe I was lazy. One can never tell.

Christmas was nice; Marissa came into town, and I really like seeing her. She's graduating from seminary in the spring and hoping she'll get a job out here. I'd love to see her more. I did miss time with my sister, and her family; since Tannah and I were in Ohio for Thanksgiving, it didn't much feel like they were absent then. But during Christmas, not seeing them really cemented it. I really miss them. But other than that, Tannah and I did the usually tri-family shufffle:

His parents first, as his mom has to be at work by 06h00. So we get there around 04h00, do the gift thing and have coffee or cocoa and stay till 07h00 or 08h00. We had breakfast there this year as well; I think that's a first. Then back to our place to get ready for my parents' place. We normally get there around 10h00 and by that time my parents have cofffee cake and other snacks out, and we do the gift thing as well. We stay there until 13h00 or so, and go home again...to refresh. Again. Then his grandparents' home, where we meet up with his parents again, and other extended family. Gifting, and dinner. Back to my parents' house by 18h00 for their annual Christmas party, which I love: treats and liquor. This is the first year Tannah's family made an appearance. it makes for a very exciting and hectic day.

New Year's was low-key. Every year I kinda want to go down to the Strip, like we did in 1999 to ring in 2000, but we never go. It's just a cluster-fuck getting in and out of there. This year we brought in 2007 quietly, just the two of us, with a bottle of Riesling. I really enjoyed it.

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