19 January 2007

No longer a Bombardier.

I can't believe it. I finally got rotated. All that shit I put up with at Red Rock, begging for rotation, and I get it when I'm somewhere I like. Damn.

Sharkey, Luke, Carlo, Red, a whole bunch of the guys took me to PT's Pub, not only to celebrate "Hello Friday!" but my happy rotation. I'll be honest, I didn't order a drink myself, even though I got offers from the guys to buy me one. I knew if I got drunk and huggy at work I'd regret it. So intead I just tasted their drinks: a little Patrón, a little Crown Royal, a little Heineken...it was enough. I wasn't huggy, but I was happy.

Usually, the apprentice getting rotated gets their final check and heads out early to get their next assignment. My check was missing a whole day. I couldn't find Trevor so I spent a good fifteen minutes wandering till I found James, who called Trevor for me, and even then it wasn't until much later in teh morning that he took my check from me to get it fixed. I didn't do a damn thing my last day. I said a few goodbyes, and tied up some loose ends for Sharkey. But Trevor said he'd have me back, as did James, and Matt (the general foreman) spent a few minutes with me, saying he was sorry to see me go and I'd be welcome on his jobsite anytime. I love hearing that; it's a welcome change from the hatred propagated at the Rock.

I finally got my check close to 14h00...what a waste. But I gathered my tools, gave Sharkey my keys, vice-grips and cordless drill, and left. I guess I could have waited the extra half-hour and gone with everyone else, but I wanted to get my rotation papers.

After being dissapointed with my assignment to Acme (which contracts mostly underground work), I met a few guys at the Bonanza Lounge. It's across the street from both the JATC and the Hall, so very close and convenient. I had a Guinness, and lost a foreman's $20 in trying to play video poker. Fun, nonetheless.

Sad: I've been with Bombard for three years. I didn't think I'd care when I left.

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