09 January 2007

Some things are just too damn embarassing.

At breaktime today, I grabbed my lunchbox and met Sharkey on the pile of stacked drywall where we eat. It's right by the window on the sunlit side...yeah, warmth. I opened it and it looked like lunchtime exploded. I usually have everything neatly packed but it had all tumbled around. I asked Sharkey if he'd dropped it and he started laughing.

He told me that he'd moved the maid's cart down the hall and my lunchbox fell off, spilling the contents all over the hallway, and into the path of Trevor and James. Of course I always keep a few extra tampons hidden near the bottom, in case, and those spilled out too. I swear, Sharkey nearly choked with his uncontrolled laughter as he described the scene as both foremen bent down to help pick up my lunch, tampons and all.

Yes, I know men know what a tampon is, and I'm not ashamed of that. If I were, I wouldn't put them in such place, I'd actually hide them. I'm not sure what embarassed me, actually, but all of a sudden I realised that Trevor hadn't uttered two words to me this morning and James was MIA from the entire floor. All I could do is smile as I walked past them and pretend nothing had happened.

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