03 April 2009

A little help from my iPhone...

So yeah. I've been über-busy lately. Aside from working my regular job (which, right now, is at the new Lion King Theatre at Mandalay Bay), I've started teaching classes in photovoltaics. A little extra cash helps in a time where work in construction has pretty much dried up completely for now. But also, I'm rarely home; there's no access to computers on my jobsite and although the JATC has computer access, it's restricted and honestly, I couldn't teach and blog at the same time anyway.

Enter the iPhone.

I downloaded an app called "iBlogger" which supposedly will let me blog via my iPhone...this is the test post and if it works, I'll be far more regular at posting again. The posts will likely be shorter, since I can really only type with one finger on this thing, but now the newest iPhone update allows a copy and paste function so...

Basically, I'm hoping this works so I can get back into blogging. I've seriously missed it.

Here goes nothing!

1 comment:

RebTurtle said...

We're glad to have you back!