14 April 2009


Earlier today I attended the dedication ceremony of the new wind turbine at the Electrical JATC, the same from which I graduated nearly a year ago. It kinda transforms that apprenticeship hall into a renewables hub, what with the four solar arrays that were installed a few years ago as well. Senator Harry Reid was present, and tons of journalists. I was massively underdressed, since I came straight from work, but it was (gratefully) overlooked.

Wind power isn't my deal, I'm a dedicated solar whore, but it was still cool. In fact, our JATC's wind turbine was the first wind system in the state of Nevada to receive a rebate from NV Energy under their WindGenerations program; that makes it a little extra awesome.

I'll try to get a photo up soon...it's just your run-of-the-mill SkyStream turbine but to me it's exciting. :)

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