01 July 2008


I got a comment on my latest post, regarding Thelema...I love when others actually have the courage to set me straight. No sarcasm. I think it may have been partially due to a misunderstanding (I didn't make myself clear) but I really want to think it over and research a little more, first. If anyone who follows that path feels the desire to educate me, I am open to it. I am certainly not wanting to spread misinformation.

In other news:

I'm sick of people who don't bother looking up their e-mails to make sure they aren't hoaxes. And some of them are absolutely ridiculous. I read Snopes 25 top hoaxes today and I swear to you that about 30% of my inbox is that shit. It's not so much that someone sends it, I don't mind mass-deleting, but I mind the personal comments written with it, usually perpetuating hate or anger. If it's true, I understand how the sentiment might be applied. But to waste so much time and energy with unnecessary negativity is beyond me.

Been working with Jerry lately, a traveller out of...Michigan? I think so. He's got alot of patience, and has no problem teaching. I miss working with Victor since we always had so much fun (I love when he yelled "Yáadilá!" out of frustration), but I need to learn other parts of the trade so...

Speaking of other parts of the trade, the current solar job is on hold; another casino conglomerate is challenging legality form what I understand. It's a bummer, I was seriously looking forward to it, but we've bid on another job and I'm hoping something comes through. I feel the joys of photovoltaics in my veins, I have to work with it. But at least I'll have some extra time to get my state and national certifications, in the meantime.

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