21 July 2008

Inexcusable ignorance.

I despise when idiots get up on their undeserved soapboxes and preach about things they know nothing about. Most recently, this pathetic piece of shit would be Michael Savage, who seems to love propagating hatred and misinformation. Why some of the uneducated misanthropes of the earth think that well-researched and understood disorders are fabricated is beyond me. In a way, I understand the controversy over ADD and ADHD...there are no definitive tests to "prove" whether or not a patient is indeed afflicted, there are only symptoms. However, some of the other "new-age" disorders, such as autism and dissociative identity disorder, are diagnosed by definitive tests, including brain scans.

So Michael Savage, you ignorant fuck, now that you ran out of crude, discriminatory things to say about women, Muslims, peaceful protesters, immigrants of any type, the "myth" of global warming, and homosexuals, you had to attack yet one more thing you don't begin to understand.

I know he's lonely and has no friends except the other ridiculously negative paranoids in his life. I know he's just spouting out bullshit to get the attention he so desperately needs. If I were forced to endure such a life on a day to day basis, I'd be pissed at everyone different than me, as well. But to have no empathy, and to not even want to be informed, that's something unforgivable.


Ayla said...

Amen sista!! Preach on!! Mike Savage is a dick, plain and simple.

Martha said...

and he writes for the Chicago Tribune? how disappointing.