18 July 2008


Been feeling ill, still with the sore throat, and I know it's from exhaustion. Waiting here, house-sitting, enjoying the hospitality of another. It's been like a mini-vacation and I'm rather happy about it. Maybe it's the change in scenery, maybe it's that I've taken a bit of a break from study group. Either way, I'm relaxed. Waiting and wanting, but relaxed nonetheless and that's a first in a very long time.

A birthday get-together next Friday, and the day after is the UUCLV fundraiser. I'll be 30 in just over a month, but won't be celebrating; I always celebrate my birthdays late. August is too busy, so it's been mid-October for a few years now. Closer to my due date, so it feels right anyway. (Yes, I was really premature.) Anyway, those are things to look forward to, for now. Still wanting very much to take my CIR exam for state certification in photovoltaics, but I feel rather overwhelmed by it all. I even find myself sleeping much of the time, but I'm not sure why. Not even in school and I'm still unable to maintain a life outside of work, go figure.

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