13 May 2008

Never had such an awful hangover.

Last night, I thought I'd done well. I knew I had to be in to work today, didn't want to suffer with a hangover, so I really paced myself: two Guinness before the test (can't take an exam sober, we all know that), then once I passed I drank some Crown Royal, Miller Light and something Russian at the tailgate behind the school. I ate of course, and I didn't just slam anything. I had a Captain & Coke and of course a shot of Patrón. And I ate again. I just broke up my drinks with appetizers really. And before you all think I got crazy and drank all night, the exam started at 15h30 and I was done, with my passing score, less than an hour later. My last drink was around 18h00, when I actually ate dinner and fucked off for two hours before driving home.

(Of course it took me a bit longer to actually get home, since I got rear-ended at a stop light 5 minutes from my house. Not at all my fault. Yes, we exchanged information.)

So anyway, around 02h00 I started throwing up everything I'd put into my body during the last 24 hours, it seemed. It was horrendous. And that continued well after I came to work. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing. They started talking about runny eggs and country gravy...yuck...I spent the entire day wanting to die but I promised I'd show up, since I got to go to the ASES convention. It just sucks that I was completely worthless.

When I got home I was still suffering, and Tannah was nice enough to make me some grießklößchen suppe, which is like a dumpling soup. It was so calming to my belly. :) I still don't think I ever want to drink again, at least for the rest of the month, but everyone says it was so bad because I mixed beer and liquor, and in the wrong order. We'll see.

Now I just have to worry about the Toyota that got smashed. It's bad. :( Not totaled but I think the entire back end will have to be replaced. The entire hood of her Lexus went underneath my Rav-4. I should get a call from the shop and the insurance adjuster tomorrow. Here's hoping.

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eric said...

Why is it that I keep checking your blog and it seems you don't update for a month, then one day there's six updates?