15 May 2008

Got my JW ticket...and not draggin!

Today after work, having served my two penalty days, I went to the union hall and picked up my new inside journeyman wireman dues ticket. It has "GRADUATED" stamped right on the front, which is good, since others will know I'm still an idiot and will continue to be for awhile. As Papa G says, "Nothing's smarter than a 5th year apprentice, nothing's stupider than a 1st year journeyman." And that's me!

Now...the "not draggin" part...in the apprenticeship, it's tradition to pick up your tools and quit without notice ("drag up") as soon as you recieve your JW ticket. It's not my intent to do that. I like my contractor, I like who I'm working for and with, and I'm not giving that up as long as I have any choice in the matter. Besides, what if we get into doing solar? That would be so kickass.

Now also, in seeing my new JW ticket, I got excited. The Toyota is in the shop, and I decided I wanted a Jeep. I've wanted one for years and it's never worked out, so with my poor Rav-4 being fixed and having to drive around a tiny little Mazda 3, I went to the Jeep dealership with Tannah. Yes, it was an impulse buy. I really shouldn't have done it. It's a 2007 silver Jeep Wrangler, and I need to pull myself up by the roll-bar to get into it, and the petrol mileage is shit, and I'm sure he earth is weeping at my newly skyrocketing carbon footprint as we speak...but I love it anyway.

Now I'm just going to have to work serious overtime to pay that off. That's right, I've now become an overtime whore. In addition to being a solar whore. Ah well...there's worse things to be in this world.

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eric said...

Why did you have to serve two penalty days?