27 February 2006

Stacy, I said I would, and you know me better than that.

Ha! You didn't think I'd tell everyone that you're a total bitch when you're at work; but I will say that you're only a bitch when you need to be. You know who we're talking about. Keep him in line, girl!! And I'll also tell everyone that you're an awesome listener and friend, and that you let me use your OCIP hardhat on the weekends. Because you rock.

Hugs to Pooh for me...your Pooh, lol....

And I have a shitload of homework to do on XFMRs (transformers...and not like, Autobots or Decepticons, although that would be cool) and I can't even find my books. I get so lazy...and bored...this time of year, 2nd semester at school. I can't wait for the year to be over so I can get my raise. Greedy me. Can you believe James (my 3rd year instructor) is going to try to fit in a pipe-bending lab, a soldering lab, and and hoisting and rigging lab this year? Is he on crack?

I have to update my certs on forklift, scissorlift, boomlift and CPR/1st aid. My buddy Safety John said I need my certs in my pocket...and of course, they aren't. This summer is going to suck ass. Maybe I can go for the ultimate and try to fit in welding too...nah, maybe next year.

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